2020 has been an unprecedented year, with the monumental challenges and heart-breaking sadnesses of the global COVID-19 pandemic. But it has also been a year of exceptional hard work, adaptability and kindness. Our humanity and community spirit shone in the darkness.

When covid hit, my work came to a standstill. Like lots of other people, I was glued to the news and social media, despairing at all the worry and sadness but finding comfort in the tenacity, humanity and community spirit that emerged all around the country.


After quite a few sleepless nights, I wondered if I should make one of my books to record some of the positive things we were seeing and hearing about, as well as to raise some money for charity - my small gift to the national effort (our local farmers weren’t desperate enough for my “help”!). 

I also wanted to create a special compilation of this most unusual moment in history that we can all use to look back on and be proud.


That’s how it started and now, I am humbled to have become the caretaker of this most amazing collection of stories from all these everyday heroes across every aspect of life, which are heart-warming and heart-wrenching in equal measures.

It’s 350+ pages packed with photos and interviews with key workers and some familiar faces, from doctors and dustbin men to Sir Quentin Blake and Captain Tom as well as pictures of some of the things we've all been seeing over the past few months. All beautifully bound in a hardback cover with a bespoke illustration that perfectly captures the love and positivity packed inside.

There isn’t a book big enough to include all the people who deserve to be mentioned, so this celebrates the stories of a few on behalf of the many - I just wish there were enough pages in the world to have included so many, many more.


It’s probably the book that none of us would ever have wanted but perhaps the one that we all need, to remind ourselves what a kind and generous bunch we can be. 

I donated my time to do this as my way of giving something back and all profits are going to good causes including NHS Charities Together.




And so shines a good deed in a weary world...

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to good causes including NHS Charities Together

Covid Kindness UK:2020

An exclusive Jackanory book to celebrate hard work, adaptability and kindness during the Covid-19 pandemic, with all proceeds going to good causes.